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A James Bond Villain Quiz: The Villains Make the Hero?

Superman might have larger than life powers to protect the Earth. Daredevil might have superhuman senses to defeat the Kingpin of Crime. Spider-man might be flexible enough to get out of any sticky situation. But then again, when an evil villain is out to cause mayhem on Earth via nuclear bombing or sophisticated biological weapons, only one fictional character sans the superpowers can salvage us from utter destruction: Secret Agent Bond---James Bond.

James Bond, unlike these superheroes, doesn’t have supernatural powers or wasn’t bitten by a genetically enhanced spider of sorts for him to be called a hero. Known to have the strength, wit, intelligence, charms, seamless gadgets, and of course, his natural appeal to women, he is an unstoppable brute. Agent 007, as he is commonly called, is a human weapon, ready to stop any atomic bomb, morally bankrupt villain or some unnamed armaments to save the world.

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The Villain Who Made the Most Movies
The hardest task for the creators of the James Bond franchise must have been the conceptualization nemeses that would be worthy and fit to be up against the most popular secret agent in Hollywood. They must have been in a heated James Bond Villain quiz discussion in order to reincarnate evil at its best to be eradicated by our suave hero in the end.

Ernst Stravo Blofeld is arguably one of the most hated villains to be fought by 007. As an evil mastermind of SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), he aims to take over the world and get truckloads of money in the process of doing so. He appears in 7 major James Bond movies and definitely continues to earn a lot of fans for his pure rashness. This bald, cat-totting and murderous villain is never adamant in annihilating James Bond. Blofeld, with his trademark accent and evil deeds, will be a staple character in any James Bond villain quiz no matter how many other villains might be baked in the oven of the screenplay writer’s imagination.

More Villains: A James Bond Villain Quiz
Villains might be abhorred, but no one can deny that we love them for what they do best---being EVIL. Let’s see how well you know James Bond’s nemeses. Take this James Bond Villain quiz and find out.

1. He has a penchant for sharks, crocodiles and killing, among others. This villain appears in Live and Let Die and was portrayed by Yaphet Kotto.
a. Elliot Carver
b. Mr. Big
c. Mr. Bullion

2. He tried to kill Bond by blowing him up with an atomic bomb to no avail. He is famous for the line, “Better than letting a handful of old men in Moscow bargain away our advantage in disarmament talks!”
a. Mr. Big
b. Kamal Khan
c. Octopussy

3. It is Soviet counter-intelligence agency portrayed in the early James Bond novels based on the real-life agency of the same name. In the novels, it was one of 007's greatest nemeses.

4. He wants to disarm world powers and have world peace by destroying missile silos and military bases around the world using the diamond satellite laser weapon he created. He appears in Diamonds are Forever.
a. Kamal Khan
b. Nick Nack
c. Professor Dr. Metz

5. He attempts to execute Bond in Korea, and drives a Jaguar XKR while chasing him across a flat plain in Iceland. He appeared in Die Another Day.
a. Zao
b. Gustav
c. Kanami

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1. b. Mr. Big
2. c. Octopussy
3. b. SMERSH
4. c. Professor Dr. Metz
5. a. Zao

Villains Make Bond, THE James Bond
Villains can give the needed oomph to make someone a hero. In the case of our favorite fictional secret agent, James Bond would have never reached this pinnacle of popularity without these murderous minds out to cause considerable damages to the world. Sure enough, the quality of a James Bond film is contingent upon how evil, downright mean and callous his enemies could get. The more ruthless these villains become the more smashing and appealing James Bond becomes to the box office.

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