Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Is Chess A Sport? Should I Buy A Chess Set?

The first few games weren't too painful, I lose at a lot of things to my son these days. Then it got a tad uncomfortable, some games were ending in 10 minutes. Is this a real sport? Can I throw something?

Things got better after a while and I started to really enjoy the challenge of thinking 5 moves ahead. I decided to get a few books on chess and a new chessboard to really go after my new game.

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Unfortunately the first line on a website's sales page for chess sets was "There are almost as many different types and styles of chess sets as there are chess players". Crud. Don't they all have the some kind of board and the same number of men? Turns out they do, but you are faced with a huge assortment of choices. It may be hard to decide upon a particular set, but it's relatively easy to narrow your choices down to a particular category. Here's a look at the major categories that seem to be available everywhere:

Theme Chess Sets
These types of chess sets depict characters, movies and events. There are theme chess sets for most major sports teams with pieces and pawns that resemble positions like quarterback and cheerleaders.

There are entire categories of cartoon character chess sets that are perfect for attracting younger people to the game. You can even get Civil War or WW II sets as well as Roman Gladiator and even old West models.

You'll pay anywhere from $20 to over $2,000 for theme sets depending upon the theme and the materials used to make the set. Some sets are made with silver, gold and precious stones. Choose platinum if you have plenty of money. by Chuck Cayo

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Solitaire - The Game That Tests Your Patience

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games that has endured time and enthralled generations due to its unique appeal. The solitaire game is very simple yet extremely addictive in nature. All one needs is a pack of 52 playing cards and you are set to be drawn into the world solitaire.

Online solitaire games are available freely over the Internet and mostly available as a free gift with the popular operating system of the day. Free solitaire games are easy to play as the basic idea is to arrange pre-set decks of cards in the ascending/descending order till every card has been accounted for. You juxtapose cards, manipulate within the given format and swap places of cards with the intent of arranging every single card as soon as possible.

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There are many theories regarding the invention of the solitaire. The most popular theory is that the game was devised by prisoners who were confined in solitary cells. No one can vouch for such a story though.

The free online solitaire games have come into existence with the rapid strides made by technology and the Internet. With time the original game has metamorphosed onto a host of other interesting avatars that have caught the fancy of the online gamers. Connoisseurs of the game however admit that the simplicity of the original form is unmatched as it offers the best teasers and challenges to the human brain. The supporters of the modern variants of the solitaire however are of the opinion that the modern variants offer greater variety, stiffer challenges and novelty of experience that give relief from the perceived boredom of the original format.

Keeping the basic idea of arrangement of the cards in sequences, the card game has evolved over time. The online sector has been a pioneer in this field as they have been working relentlessly to outdo each other and offer the online gaming enthusiast with a better option.

Solitair Game Products
Some of the well-known variants of the humble solitaire are FreeCell Solitaire, Pirate Solitaire and the Sultan Solitaire. The goal of FreeCell Solitaire is to arrange cards in ascending order in the stacks presented. Stacks with alternate colour may be formed as an intermediate step at the bottom half of the screen. The layout comprises of Building Stacks, Free Cells and Suit Stacks.

The Pirate Solitaire on the other hand stipulates that you build four piles on the top right portion of the computer screen starting from Ace and ending with the King. The playing field of the Pirate Solitaire stipulates that the stacks are built in the descending order using the same suit of cards. One is allowed to play any card in any empty space.

The Sultan Solitaire is a popular variant of solitaire, where, to start off, the reserve pile of cards comprise of those cards that are dealt into them. In Pro Sultan Solitaire and the Quick Sultan Solitaire, these stacks are left empty. Sultan solitaire involves two decks and the foundation of the game is based on the eight kings and the Ace of hearts.

There are thousands of free online Solitaire games that don't require any download or registration. They are all 100% free. For more information visit the given link. Play Here

Play Here

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Astrology and your Future

 Do you think that astrology can predict your future? What if yes, yes, astrology can help you know your future but not in the manner that it can help you win lotteries or help you in derby race course nor it going to tell you when your latest crush will be proposing you. It won’t help you to jump various stages of relationship.

However, you just can’t ignore astrology; it can help you to know that what type of relationship you will attract and how other people will affect your life.

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Astrology can somehow help you in some important and interesting ways; it can tell you the present situation of your life and what you can expect in near future in your life.That’s why people say that astrology can tell your future. But the real worth of astrology is that that it can change your thought process completely, it can make you think from different perspectives, it can teach you a new way of your life, it can teach you possibilities, it can teach you how to think differently about other people, about problems. In one or the other way it can help you increase your productivity with giving you an idea about the future events and help you plan accordingly.

As far as astrology is concerned ignorance plays an important part in that. You have two ways to go when you have a slightest idea about the future events. You can ignore such knowledge and move forward as you are going or you can plan accordingly by keeping the information at hand in front of you. But remember that there is a difference in ignorance and stupidity. So the information available to you can help you change your life forever if used wisely.

So you have the option of knowing, once you know something it is up to you that you can use it or ignore it. It is common tendency of mankind that we use such information promptly when things are not going on well for us. We tend to believe on everything whatever is being told to us when life is having some tough time and some unpleasant events occur. But you can think for yourself that does it make sense to drive your car blindfolded when you know the traffic. Some people chose to be ignorant in case of astrology while others like to be prepared. Both are the ways, its up to you which way you would like to on.

So whether you use it or not, the information is there is for you. You can cinch the life jacket in advance or you can wait for the sound of falling water. You even have the choice whether you want to know or not. It can have an impact on your life and your future, it can effect your experience and give you an all together new way of thinking.

So astrology can be an real asset, as a predictor that what the life and future in front of you have in store for you, you can learn some things from these and can plan in advance how you will be dealing with them.

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Pacman - The Greatest Classic Games Of All Time

In this day and age, computer games are becoming more and more complex, requiring more and more powerful computers to play them on. With the increasing emphasis on graphics, games are starting to lose their sense of innovation, with many games simply reusing tried and tested formulas in order to sell as many copies as possible.

Previously, however, before computers became so ubiquitous, games developers faced the challenge of computers that had very limited computing power. Having to deal with such a lack of computing power forced games designers to be extremely creative and innovative, developing new forms of gaming instead of new types of graphics experiences. And this was how the smash hit Pacman came about.

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At the time when Pacman was developed, games designers faced the challenge of competing with such popular games as Tetris and Space  Invaders. These incredibly popular games had one thing in common - they had extremely low hardware requirements. Tetris was a game that involved downward-falling bricks that players had to position properly in order to clear the screen and score. Space Invaders was a shoot-em-up game involving the player's single spacecraft against a veritable armada of numerous but somewhat stupid enemy craft. And Pacman was a simple maze runner with enemy ghosts and power-ups thrown in the mix.

Soon after its release, Pacman became one of the most popular games in the history of computer gaming, and it began appearing everywhere. Pacman machines appeared in arcades, handheld Pacman gaming machines were selling out in stores, and, of course, hundreds of thousands of people were playing Pacman on their computers.

Now You Can Experience The Fun As Well 
Play Our Free Pacman Game
In this age of modern games, many of us have forgotten how much fun it is to play a simple yet engaging game like Pacman. With websites that allow you to download Pacman, now you can experience it for yourself! In order to download Pacman, you simply need to log on to the internet and do a quick search using one of the reliable search engines. You should find websites where you can download Pacman in no time.

Some people might be reluctant to download Pacman because they are skeptical about just how fun it could possibly be to guide what looks like a big yellow 'C' around a screen eating dots and avoiding ghosts that float after you. The truth of the matter, however, is that millions of people around the world were once hooked on this game. That many people simply cannot all be wrong about how fun the game is to play. Once you download Pacman onto your own computer, you will soon see the joy there is to be had in playing this simple but addictive game.

Furthermore, it will not cost you anything to download Pacman. With the game being as old as it is, the exclusive rights that the company that designed the game once had are no longer in force, and people are thus allowed to download Pacman at no charge.

So before you head out to the store to purchase the latest game from your local electronics store and set yourself back by at least thirty to forty dollars, you should definitely head to the nearest download site, download Pacman, and give it a try before you go out and spend money. We guarantee that you will not regret taking the time to download Pacman and give this classic game a try.
If you are looking for a reliable website from which you can download Pacman , then look no further than the Download Windows 7, where you will be able to download Pacman and a host of other games that are all compatible with the Windows 7 operating system.

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Friday, July 19, 2019

The History Of The Wedding Ring

The use of the wedding ring as a symbol of the bond between husband and wife is familiar to us as the concept of marriage itself, but from where did this interesting tradition emerge? The history of wedding rings as they are known today is actually unclear. In an article dating from the July 1869 issue of Appleton's Journal of popular Literature, Science, and Art, Edward J. Wood hypothesizes that the modern (modern as of 1869) use of wedding rings stems from the practices of ancient Hebrews. It was customary for the family of a prospective groom to give gifts to the potential bride and her family. The general assumption is that it is from this tradition that the use of wedding rings as we know them seems to have evolved.

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Wedding rings are not specifically mentioned in the Bible, but references do exist that suggest the aforementioned Hebrew practices. Genesis 24:53 in the King James Version reads, "And the servant brought forth jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment, and gave them to Rebekah: he gave also to her brother and to her mother precious things," speaking of the servant of Abraham, the father of Isaac, who was to wed Rebekah. The wedding ring first came into use in Christian wedding ceremonies around 870 A.D.

The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand also comes from the ancients. In ancient Greece it was believed that an artery from that particular finger led directly to the heart. While we now know this is pure mythology, it does serve as a rather romantic explanation for the tradition.

Although the concept of the wedding ring is obviously very old, the ring was almost always worn by the bride. Double-ring wedding ceremonies are rather new. Wedding rings for men were almost unheard of before 1940 and increased in use about the time of the Second World War. According to an October 1953 story in Hobbies, only about 15% of wedding ceremonies included a ring for the groom. After the start of World War II, the percentage jumped to 60%, and then to 70% after the start of the Korean war. Today it is more common than not for grooms and brides alike to wear a wedding ring.

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Article by Kirsten Hawkins

Monday, July 15, 2019

The History Of Crossword Puzzles

The first book of crosswords was published in 1924. It became a
best-seller and crosswords replaced mahjongg as the most popular
American game. Crossword puzzle design and solving is an
excellent way to sharpen focus. Regardless of whether design and
or solve numerous crossword puzzles, you will learn one more way
to enhance memory and creative expression. Some even say that
crossword puzzles help keep Alzheimer's at bay.

Nearly all word games improve spelling, the appeal of
word-games is very easy to understand. Crossword puzzles
encourage logical thinking and correct spelling. Some of
crossword clues are straightforward and only require a wide
vocabulary. However some contain devious clues, where there is
always a logical link between the clue and the solution.

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Some of crossword clues are straightforward and only need a
wide vocabulary. While other clues induce a probability
distribution over viable targets, which must somehow be
respected along with the constraints of the puzzle. However
devious the clue, there is always, in a well-set crossword
puzzle a logical link between the clue and the solution. At
best, clues induce a probability distribution over viable
targets, which must somehow be respected along with the
constraints of the puzzle. Some have begun using computers to
solve crosswords, while others solve crosswords using the
familiar and time-honored tradition of putting pen to paper.

Crosswords encourage people to use dictionaries, both
specialized crossword dictionaries as well as collegiate and
unabridged dictionary volumes. Some believe that the pen and
pencil mode indicate a degree of confidence in solutions and
problem solving. Crossword puzzlers should always remember, that
just because you wrote something down, doesn't make it right.
All in all, crosswords are very inexpensive, intellectually
stimulating, calls for no partner and, most importantly, helps
one forget the stresses and tensions of modern living.

Intellectual stimulation is sought by the very intelligent and
crosswords offer a release from mental tension. Creative
crosswords afford little of that intellectual excitement that a
more complicated crossword does. Crossword puzzles are very
popular in many countries.

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About the Author: Francesca Black works in marketing at the
Puzzle Place ( and Chess Strategies
( leading puzzle and strategy

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Culinary Trivia Facts

Are you looking for some of the interesting facts about food or culinary? If your answer is yes, then here are some of the most amusing facts you must know. Share these facts and impress your friends.

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Ice Cream:
Ice cream is a Chinese food item. Marco Polo the famous explorer when returned to Italy, from China in the year 1295, he actually brought a well known recipe called "Milk Ice" among many other things. However, later Europeans substituted cream for the milk, and voila. Since then, ice cream has been a major hit.
Generally, the United States actually consumes on an average 48 pints of ice cream per person, per year. This is usually more than any other country in the world.
On an average, it takes 50 licks to polish off a single-scoop ice cream cone.

The word pizza was originally spelt as "pitsa".
Most pizza is ordered during the weather forecast or TV programs. Adding to this, the delivery folks also report that women, perhaps not surprisingly, are better tippers!
Generally, Americans consume or eat almost 350 slices of pizza each second.

The color of a chili is no indication of its spiciness, but what matters is its size. Generally, it is important to note that the smaller the chilie pepper, the hotter it is.
Near about 140 varieties of chilies peppers are alone grown in Mexico alone.
Chilies play a very important role in making foods safer. They help in reducing the harmful bacteria on foods.

The potato is one of the most important non-cereal crops in the world, and considered as the fourth most important crop overall.
Irish were the first to eat potato. They were first introduced to Britain and Ireland in the late 1500s. It didn't get popular immediately; many people actually held potato responsible for diseases as it was not talked about in the Bible.
Crisps made of potato were first invented by a North American Indian named as George Crum
In the United States, if we compare the price between a pound of potato chips and potato, generally prices of potato chips is almost two hundred times extra than potatoes.

The flavor that is commonly associated with bubble gum all across the world is a mixture of wintergreen, vanilla and cassia, a form of cinnamon.
Cheddar is the most consumed and widely purchased cheese in the world.
Research shows that dark chocolate very similar to the red wine actually contains considerable amounts of flavonoid phenolics which in turn may be very helpful in lowering the risk of heart disease.

Today these foods are so common that it is really hard to imagine life without it. However, when these interesting facts were first brought into notice, it was considered as a myth, but slowly it turns out to be real. This list is just to give you an idea about some of the most important trivia that is related to about food and culinary items.

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Old Time Candy Is a Nostalgic Pleasure

One of the greatest pleasures that just about everyone enjoys is indulging in sweets. Candy may seem like only something for children but you would be hard pressed to find any adult who hasn't consumed some of the sweet stuff at some point in their life. Old time candy is especially delicious because of the process involved. Preparing this type of sweet delight often requires a lot of time and care.

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People of all ages enjoy this candy because it has the taste of the past wrapped up in each bite. Most people have fond memories of their favorite candies. These tastes, flavors and textures are completely knit up with the experiences and thrills of childhood. Almost no childhood memory is complete without recalling a favorite tasty treat. But where has all of the old time candy gone?Is it at all possible that it is still being produced, and if so, is there any way that you can you get your hands on it?

With the technology available today, there are many ways to turn your dream into a reality and get your hands on this candy. A great way to satisfy this need is by finding candy resources online. The Internet can provide you with multiple sources that will help you savor these delectable treats whether you're a first-time buyer or a candy connoisseur. This is also a great way to buy this type of product in bulk so that you can share the candy with friends and loved ones.

Plenty of online outlets do business with the companies that have been making the old time candy that you crave. When you search online for some of these companies you may be able to very easily and quickly purchase a good amount of candy from traditional confectionery artists. This type of candy is a perfect gift for a childhood friend, a sibling, a parent or anyone who would be pleased to relish in the taste of their childhood.

When it comes to buying the candy of decades past, the possibilities are endless. Licorice wheels, candy ribbons, Mary Jane and saltwater taffy, and wrapped butterscotch are just a few. It can be difficult to track down your very favorite pieces. You might come to find that modern candy stores and shops just don't offer the kind of candy that people of the baby boomer generation have come to know and love. Drugstores rarely have anything but the newest treats. If you live in a relatively modern area, old-fashioned candy stores selling the treats of yesteryear can be few and far between. For people in regions without an old-fashioned store, or for people who simply like the opportunity to peruse a varied list of candies, the best thing to do is search online.

Fortunately, many varieties of old time candy still exist and are actually available for purchase to almost any place in the world. All you need to do is search online for a reliable company with years of candy experience and superb customer service. Once you have sampled their wares, you will be able to spread the word to your friends and family to keep the nostalgia alive. Each candy is likely to make you reminiscence about the past and to foster new stories for the future.

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Sandy Winslow is a writer on various topics, including the confectionery arts. Few things are more delicious or pleasing to the palate than old time candy. Article Source:

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Amazing Card Tricks to Impress Your Friends

One of the best ways to impress your friends when doing magic tricks is to make it seem as if it is the most natural thing in the world. In this way you can pull a trick on your friends right in front of their eyes and act as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. This can get their attention real fast, at which time you can then show them an amazing card trick or two which you just happen to have up your sleeve (so to speak).

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This will in turn, stun your friends into wanting more as long as you make sure that your card tricks were performed flawlessly, or at least not in such a way that everyone would be able to tell how you worked your amazing card trick.
The key to all of this of course, is practice, practice, practice. Without getting in a lot of practice you can be assured that you will find it difficult to pull off any magic trick successfully, be it a card trick or otherwise.

If you are new to the whole magic thing, but want to be able to quickly and easily impress your friends by doing an amazing card trick in front of them, there are a number of avenues which are open to you. These include books featuring magic card tricks, as well as magic workshops. The best and the easiest method of finding an amazing card trick or two to perform however, has to be the internet.

With the advent of the World Wide Web into our very homes, it is much easier these days to find just about anything that we could wish for, and this applies to finding magic tricks as well.
There are a number of sources available for a person interested to find about great magic tricks as well as an amazing card trick or two. Of course, if you don't want to go to all the trouble of learning and practicing your magic tricks, you also have the opportunity of getting magic tricks from magic shops. These are mostly all set up in such a way that you don't need to expend too much energy on performing them.

These will however, only get you so far in the realm of trying to impress anyone with your magical prowess. Someone is bound to notice that you are using pre-made magic tricks from a magic shop, and then the cat will be out of the bag.

So, to really impress your friends and your family, you need to be able to perform real magic tricks which you would then be able to include in your magic repertoire, and this includes any amazing card trick that you chose to perform as well.

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Check out to learn more on how to do amazing Magic Tricks
by David James
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Great American Potato Chips and Corn Chips

One of the most popular snacks in America is the potato chip, what people in the UK would call 'crisps'. This is often a cue for hilarity when a Brit is traveling the States and asks for a plate of chips!
America has mastered the art of producing potato chips with thousands of varieties available and when you throw in corn chips too - the same sort of product only made, rather unsurprisingly, from corn, not potato - the range available is mind boggling.

Potato chips are basically thinly sliced potato that has been deep fried, making them crispy. Generally they are then salted to add flavour, but the evolution of the potato chip has led to a huge number of different flavours, created by adding seasoning, herbs and spices.

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Corn chips, on the other hand, are made from corn meal and either fried or baked and are thicker than potato chips, though often heavily salted in the same way for flavour. Both are eaten on their own or sometimes with dips and salsas, commonly as snack food as part of party buffets or family and friend "get togethers". Corn chips can also be used as an ingredient of sorts. Frito Pie, popular in the South West of America, is made by combining corn chips with chilli, for example.

What is driving the continued success of these snacks is the innovative introduction of newer and more interesting flavours. Primarily either salted or cheese-flavoured, you can now buy potato and corn chips in tastes that range from sour cream and cheese through barbecue and pizza to bacon ranch and even ketchup and fries! More international flavours being introduced include sweet chilli, honey soy chicken, wasabi, paprika, lime and pepper and mozzarella, tomato and basil.

Both potato chips and corn chips are generally purchased in bags providing one serving, with bigger bags available just for those party occasions, and are often all referred to as 'potato chips'. For the purposes of this article, we will do the same. Popular brands of potato chips include Cheetos, available as Cheetos Crunchy, Cheetos Puffs and Cheetos Crunchy Flaming Hot, Lay's Potato Chips ina wide variety of flavours and Fritos Corn Chips. Herr's is another big brand in the potato chip market, offering a wide range of flavours themselves. Newer and increasingly popular brands to enter the market include Pringles, TGI Fridays and even Burger King.

While countries outside the USA have their own brands of potato chips - or crisps as in the UK, where Walkers is probably the best well known brand (and is a regional brand of Lay's, by the way!) - the US versions are becoming more and more popular. Demand for American food in the UK and Europe is on the up and you can now buy Cheetos, Fritos and other American branded potato and corn chips there, alongside popular US candy, sweets, chocolate and soft drinks - and that despite the fact that these brands have launched their own UK and European products! There really is nothing like the real thing.

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Ben Greenwood is writing on behalf of American Soda, importers of American potato chips like Cheetos and Fritos.
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