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Solitaire - The Game That Tests Your Patience

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games that has endured time and enthralled generations due to its unique appeal. The solitaire game is very simple yet extremely addictive in nature. All one needs is a pack of 52 playing cards and you are set to be drawn into the world solitaire.

Online solitaire games are available freely over the Internet and mostly available as a free gift with the popular operating system of the day. Free solitaire games are easy to play as the basic idea is to arrange pre-set decks of cards in the ascending/descending order till every card has been accounted for. You juxtapose cards, manipulate within the given format and swap places of cards with the intent of arranging every single card as soon as possible.

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There are many theories regarding the invention of the solitaire. The most popular theory is that the game was devised by prisoners who were confined in solitary cells. No one can vouch for such a story though.

The free online solitaire games have come into existence with the rapid strides made by technology and the Internet. With time the original game has metamorphosed onto a host of other interesting avatars that have caught the fancy of the online gamers. Connoisseurs of the game however admit that the simplicity of the original form is unmatched as it offers the best teasers and challenges to the human brain. The supporters of the modern variants of the solitaire however are of the opinion that the modern variants offer greater variety, stiffer challenges and novelty of experience that give relief from the perceived boredom of the original format.

Keeping the basic idea of arrangement of the cards in sequences, the card game has evolved over time. The online sector has been a pioneer in this field as they have been working relentlessly to outdo each other and offer the online gaming enthusiast with a better option.

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Some of the well-known variants of the humble solitaire are FreeCell Solitaire, Pirate Solitaire and the Sultan Solitaire. The goal of FreeCell Solitaire is to arrange cards in ascending order in the stacks presented. Stacks with alternate colour may be formed as an intermediate step at the bottom half of the screen. The layout comprises of Building Stacks, Free Cells and Suit Stacks.

The Pirate Solitaire on the other hand stipulates that you build four piles on the top right portion of the computer screen starting from Ace and ending with the King. The playing field of the Pirate Solitaire stipulates that the stacks are built in the descending order using the same suit of cards. One is allowed to play any card in any empty space.

The Sultan Solitaire is a popular variant of solitaire, where, to start off, the reserve pile of cards comprise of those cards that are dealt into them. In Pro Sultan Solitaire and the Quick Sultan Solitaire, these stacks are left empty. Sultan solitaire involves two decks and the foundation of the game is based on the eight kings and the Ace of hearts.

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